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The Day 5 of the RCCG Holy ghost Congress 2018 started with Opening Prayer, followed by praise and worship, next we had the Special Assistant to the General Overseer, Pastor Wole Hastrup who handled the Talk & Prayer Session, He raised few prayers for the country before He commenced Preaching, He spoke on the topic“Head, not Tail”. He made reference to Deuteronomy 28 verse 1&2, 13&14.

He mentioned that the Head is Important but Tail is not a place to stay, adding that the master plan of God is that we be the Head and not Tail.

He further explained that becoming an Head involves a Process, we must be careful to observe the word of God,  we must not follow tradition,  we must study the Bible to know what God says and that we must not go after other gods – Romans  4 vs 17-21 and Philippians 3. In conclusion, He said that we must be the Head & not the Tail.


The Evening Session started around 6:00pm with Prayer & Intercession, followed by the Praise, Worship & Session as led by the National Praise Team of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the Praise & Worship session ended at about 7:40pm.

Thereafter, Prophet Nuhu Kure mounted the pulpit to lead the opening Prayer, followed by the Special prayers One as led by The Assistant General Overseer, Pastor Elijah Daramola.

After the Special Prayers’ One, then Talk One & Prayers which  was anchored by Dr.Elizabeth Vaughan who spoke on the message titled “The King of Glory”, She took her bible text from Psalms 27 vs 7-14.

She expressed that if one has the King of Glory, the only thing that will spring out of the person is the King of Glory.

After, the powerful Ministration by the Woman Of God, we had a spoken word ministration from Imeh Udoh, a member of the  RCCG City of David Young Adult &Youth Church Church in Eket, Akwa-Ibom, She eulogized and hailed the Excellency of God, and also compared with names of the world’s most celebrated Icons, In her rendition , She reiterated that regardless of all that these people have done, Jesus Christ remains the Greatest Of All.

Next song ministration was the PSF Minstrel, who led the congregation through a wonderful moment in the presence of God.

Again, we had another song ministration from  Vine song, they rendered their theme song for the Holy Ghost Congress titled “Glory Ahead” and then concluded  their ministration with the popular Hymn song “Let your Living water Flow”.

After the songs ministration, we had the first talk by the Senior Pastor of the Living faith Foundation Kaduna, Reverend Joe Olaiya,He spoke on the message titled ” The Hand of the Lord“. He took His bible verse from Genesis 37 verse 18- 30 and Genesis 41 verse 31-35.

Next, The wife of the General Overseer, Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye who took the session of praying for the Nations, she referred to Psalm 24 verse 7.

After, the session of Prayers, The Special Assistant to the General Overseer also the Senior Pastor of Jesus House London, Pastor Agu led the congregants through the offering, quoting Ecclesiastes 3.

It didnt end there, The African Praise Team mounted the Altar to render their Ethnic group songs, they ministered in some of the languages we have in Nigeria and immediately the Live Testifiers came up to share their various testimonies, majority of the testimonies were about God granting them fruit of the womb, the Highlight of the Testimony was when a woman shared that the lord her erased her 34 years of Bareness.

Afterwards, the National Mass Choir led the Congregation through the Congress Hymn and then after the Hymn, they gave their rendition, they sang the Popular “Days Of Elijah” and “In Christ Alone”.


Next, The Unique Minstrel, Pastor Kunle Ajayi ushered in The General Overseer Pastor E.A Adeboye, who as usual started his ministration with worship songs, after he shared few announcements which includes the number of births as at Day 5 which stands at a total of 39 Newly Born Children; 21 boys and 18 girls.

He mentioned that he wasn’t going to take much time because He had requested from his “Daddy” to suspend all that He is doing for an Hour to Focus on the Congregants whilst they table their request before Him.

He spoke on the Congress Topic which is “Glory Ahead”, taking His bible text from Colossians 1 verse 27, He explained Glory Ahead to be a prophetic theme, He says Glory Ahead means there is hope, it encourages, it comforts, it means there is Glory in the future even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

“Glory is the opposite of Shame” He said.

He ended by saying “Glory belongs to the Wise“, thereafter He made the Altar call for those that wanted to give their lives to Christ.

After, the Altar call, He advised the Congregation to take the One-Hour Prayer seriously and make sure they request for something big, thereafter he gave His final blessings and the service ended.

Photo Credit: S.K Enhanced Images


Day 6 is here again and its yet another time to regain your lost glory, Join us at the Redemption Camp.


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