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It was the end of the year and traffic in Lagos alone was enough to know that so many people in the city were already exiting and coming in from various places.Christmas is tomorrow and so many people would want to be with their loved ones.Apparently i smelt Christmas in the atmosphere,i didn’t know how or what it smelt like but all i knew its that at the end of the year Lagos smelt in a particular manner.So does Christmas have a particular saint?Yes it sure does to me.
I grabbed my purse and boarded a buy from Maryland to yaba oyinbo area in lagos and as expected traffic paid me a visit.I was Stucked in Lagos unhealthy traffic,i tried to feed my eyes on any activity outside the window so that i dont even think about how many hours i am going to be wasting in this traffic(Be warned Lagos traffic gives depression).Suddenly my eyes stumbled on a particular woman pricing chicken which was obviously for Christmas since it was tomorrow and it got me thinking,Why do people always kill chicken for Christmas??
Yes,some use the normal beef,turkey but chicken is the major livestock used,Was it because it was a chicken that crowed after peter denied Jesus seemed the only answer that came to mind.At that moment i decided i was going to use POMO (cow skin) for christmas,lol for a change and not chicken.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance,please enjoy the chickens and maybe you could be like me and use POMO for xmas next year,lol….Enjoy your day and God bless you.

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