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Are you tired of life already, do you feel your best is not worth it anymore, do you get pissed by every and anything to the point whereby even your loved ones do not count, do you feel dejected by friends and family, the hurts, the disappointment, the denial, the delay, the negativity that stares at you each passing day becomes strong like a repugnant smell to the point where you almost feel like passing out….


Prayers seems unaswered because you won’t even give praying an option, love seems to go missing in action everytime you appear, your mind seems so weak that even the slightest thing or bang can get you screaming loud….


Hmm…This journey seems endless, the battle to live seems like you already lost, infact been defeated is no longer strange to you , finally you resolved to taking your own life since staying alive is no gain…


At this juncture, don’t you think you need to take a breather and reconsider the option of either staying alive or dying, yeah! staying alive has offered you more worse options than not but still don’t you think you need to reconsider, just for the very last time…


Have you thought about that One friend that sticks even till death, that one friend that knows when you have and when you have not, that one friend that knows when you’re frail and when you’re agile, that one friend that sees you all, that one friend that when you do something good and is been perceived evil  sees it all, that one friend that stays even when you deny, that one friend that remains faithful when you’re not, that one friend that judges not but chastises and correct in love, again that one friend that has the highest authority in the world, that one person that owns the world but is not owned…


He knows this regrettable step you want to take now, he feels sorry for you but do you know he has always been wanting to help, but you silently refused, he kept knocking at the door of your heart, but you declined His help, the only one that has the full answers to your questions, the solution to your life’s problem, this same friend went on a three day journey, fought during the journey and grabbed the tool that gives you freedom on earth so you don’t have to live a meaningless life…


So you’re asking how has He offered to help and I declined? Well here’s it, those times you heard people talk about Him (JESUS), sing about Him, what did you do? Bro and Sis, you laughed and mocked him, you even embarrased those guys who came witnessing to you, let’s not get too far, How about that small boy who handed you a tract, you collected it, thanked him and threw it away, so you see YOU DIDN’T EVEN GIVE HIM A CHANCE…


Here’s the GOOD NEWS, He’s still here, He has gone nowhere, He is ready to accept you, His hands are wide open, ready to receive  every souls that come to Him, do you also know that for everyone that returns to Him, there’s Joy and celebration in heaven(that’s where He stays), haven’t  you realised yet  that you’re PRECIOUS to Him so is everyone that believes in Him, See willingness on your part makes the difference…


If I were you I’ll take this life-changing decision without further hesitation, go after him like I won’t let him slip off me again, watch Him guide me till i depart this world, because I now have every reason to live.




About the Writer:

Olabisi Oladosu is a Child of God, she loves to talk, she’s inquisitive; she’s always wanting to know, she’s disciplined , she loves to be entertained, she’s a book lover and she write sometimes.


Facebook:Olabisi oladosu

Instagram: (increasin_wealth)



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