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Liveway Chronicles





Directed by (Chris Dowling)

Running to God will surely give you rest and a peace of mind. Just like this Run the Race movie, we can see how the brothers ran away from their circumstances to


help somebody  better in life and that landed them into the Arms of God.

Two teenage brothers, basically raising themselves in tiny Bessemer, Alabama. With high school football serving as the backdrop, in Run the Race, two determined


teenage brothers craft a plan to leave their hometown behind for something better. To be clear, this is not a movie about the Tebows.  Beyond two brothers who love


Dave and Zach are desperate for better days to overcome their mother’s death and father’s alcohol-infused abandonment. They plan to do so through football.  With

a ‘guaranteed’ athletic scholarship beckoning for younger brother Zach, their dream comes to an abrupt halt when he seriously injures his knee. 


With Zach nursing his injury and a seriously bruised ego, Dave, a former athlete, joins the track team.  His goals are two-fold: to earn an athletic scholarship in his


own right, but more importantly to restore his brother’s hope.


Facing unbelievable odds, the brothers forge an unbreakable bond despite their circumstances to find a better way, one that ultimately drives them into the arms of



You! Yes You!  facing challenges, why can’t you just go before the lord and tell him what you are facing and he will lift you up high. It is only God that can give you

Rest and help you in all ways. 

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