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Day 2 : Welcome Service

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Day 2 : Welcome Service

The Old Auditorium was packed full as people gathered for another time in the presence of God. The second day of the convention themed “And God Said” was the Welcome Service.


After the RCCG Praise Team  led the congregation in Praise and Worship, the children came up to give their presentation. They also presented  gifts to Pastor E. A. Adeboye to appreciate him for his contribution towards the Glory Arena (Children’s Auditorium).


Daddy G.O. came up after the ministration of the National Mass Choir to preach the word with the title “Hearken Diligently” and the bible text was taken from the book of Deuteronomy chapter twenty-eight, verse one to seven.


While preaching, Daddy said that, to hearken is to listen as if your life depends on it. It also means to listen with rapt attention because you know that when you lose focus, you will suffer for it. Hearken is very much different from listening.


He went on to give the advantages of when we diligently hearken to God and his word, one of which was that you will be bless and you will continue to be blessed by God. You will also be healed and remain healed.


After his ministration, Daddy urged those who haven’t given their lives to Christ to do so or else they would be forced to do it. Many were saved, healed and restored during the program. We believe that the rest of the convention will be testimony filled.





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