The Spirikoko Christian and his Oversabi Character! by WordSmyth


I’m not a breakfast person, so most of the time when I find myself too engrossed in the days task and forgetting to eat, I kukuma turn the tin to fasting. The problem is just that whenever I decide to fast, you know now, hunger will wake me up.

The fact that I starve my diet due to my irregular eating habit has affected my health recently in a way. So this day I decided to go on a marathon fast. (I needed some things from God and I needed it like yesterday). The first day was fine, though I committed the crime of jumpology. I was everywhere. After my morning devotion the second day, I heard that voice; “GO AND EAT OLUMIDE, YOU CAN CONTINUE THE FAST LATER”.

Ha! Trust me now, I casted the devil out ni Straight. By the time I got up from bed to get myself ready for the day, everything before me went dark. I couldn’t see JACK SH*T. I had to rest on the wall to stand. Ha! Kilode? Tani mo she? I didn’t know how I got to the kitchen and prepared tea. For more than two hours I was weak, fragile and frail. No one compelled me to eat. While I rested to regain my strength, I heard the same voice again; “YOU DIDN’T EAT WELL LAST WEEK, NEITHER DID YOU REST, NOW YOU’RE GOING ON A FAST. STOP CHEATING YOUR BODY”.

Sooooooooo this is how some Pastors and spiritual leaders just die! Don’t get me wrong. Fasting is good. Jesus taught us to fast and pray, but we need to prepare our body for the journey of the fast. Feed it well so it can rely on something while you starve it to wait on God.

Recently I heard a story of a Provincial Pastor who collapsed while skabashing behind the pulpit at a Power-packed provincial vigil. His wife said it was the work of the their enemies, while his associates unanimously blamed him because he would neither delegate nor rest (Spirikoko).

Before you fast, make sure you can handle it. Retire, eat and rest when you have to. Learn to say no to some invitations, engagements and tasks sometimes. RETREAT! Nobody will kill you. If you die, people will mourn for days and forget you while the work kontunus. Wisdom, they say is profitable to shekini? Tenkiu.



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