The Jay Mikee Series ( @jay_mikee ) | Multi me series 7 | Tug of war


“I wanna read my bible.. but lemme check my updates first..”

“I should pray right now… wait let me reply these chats first…”

“… lemme upload this pix real quick”

“…jes gotta check my status”

“…but lemme see what Google (not God) says about dating”

It’s an endless tug of war. Little by little, bit by bit, we are uncuncuoiusly handing over our lives to it. It dictates those we are to talk to, how we’re to live, those we should and should not “follow” get it?

We find social network becoming a god instead of a servant to us.

There’s a lot to say from this picture but I’ll let the holy spirit do most of it.

“Do you bit know that to whom you present yourselves to obey, you are that one’s slave whom you obey,whether of sin to death, or if obedience to righteousness” Rom 6:16

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