The Jay Mikee Series ( @jay_mikee ) | Just-me series 1 | Love stunt


This picture attached is self explanatory , but I’ll lay down the basics for emphasis for the sake of those who might misinterpret it.
The closest story in the bible that can be linked to this picture is in Genesis 39:11-16. The scene where Potiphar’s wife tried to “blow Joseph some kisses”. Ladies and gentlemen. Joseph dodged them (like bullets in the matrix) and ran!
However, I know some people will ask me “Josh, are you sayin we should stay clear of actions pertaining to love?” C’maaannn, you have the ability to detect the Godly “love” and the love that has ‘coma’ (as we Nigerians put it, meaning fault, error etc).

1Thess 5:22 tells us to flee all appearance of evil!

Run! Abstain! Daily,pray for the ability to. Trust me when I say its better to be free than tormented by guilt and the repercussions of your actions. Satan is good at tormenting!

Don’t say I didnt warn ya.



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