Seriously why do some christian brothers do this…? It can be frustrating sometimes you know! I can recall way back when i was in a relationship with this over spiritual brother. chaiii,i suffered ehhn. He was always too scriptural about everything. At times i needed someone to just look into my eyes, hold my hand and tell me that all will be well. But guess what? I got a “binding and a casting” lyric from him. The annoying part is our dates were full of SPIRITUAL TALKS.

Sometimes i just wanted to look good for him oo,but he said i was deriving pleasure into the things of this world. Imagine, like seriously who does that?…. To all spiritual brothers reading this,i plead ooo, try to know when to apply the spiritual atmosphere. Showing a little bit of human/physical concern wont kill you and doesn’t mean you are carnal.Try to appreciate if your lady wants to look good for you, it doesn’t mean she is worldly. Hope have made a point? because am still going to be making more points on this platform.

Until then guyz,stay safe and know that God got your back every second.