The Essence Of Worship || @viobless

Worship is not simply something that happens in the congregation when we feel the annointed presence of God alone,worship can happen when we are in our darkest hour and we affirm his sovereignty regardless of our circumstances.
Not until we go through an experience like David’s or Job’s can we prove to ourselves the essential quality of our worship.
Only under streesful conditions are our true colors revealed, and we discover whether we are worshippers indeed.
The true worshipper will worship even under emotionally devastating circumstances.
Until we know what it means to worship in the hardest of times, we have not grasped the most fundamental element in becoming a worshipper.
The dynamics and dimensions of worship are so many and so varied that no one definition of worship could possibly include all it’s ramifications and meanings.
But what is the root idea of worship? what is the absolute essence, the common denominator, in all of worship?
I believe it is seen in the lives of men like Abraham and Job, who worshipped in the midst of the most life-shattering circumstances.
This is the fundamental essence of worship: Regardless of negative circumstances or complete emotional turmoil, i bow my heart and life before God Almighty, acknowledging his supreme Lordship.
The bottom line on worship is confessing his Lordship when everything that surrounds one’s life screams, “God is unjust! He doesn’t love you! He has forsaken you!” At such a time, the true worshipper says,
“The Lord is God. Blessed be the Name of the Lord”.
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