A while back, I went for a wedding and after all the feferity as well as a hectic and trying time in Lagos, I was so glad to finally be on my way home, far away from the hassles of Lagos (*whew*). Boarded a bus and on the way, we realized that our driver wasn’t familiar with the route and as a result, he didn’t know the bus stops. Unfortunately, there was also a woman in the bus who didn’t know her bus stop and by the time she voiced out, the driver had driven past her bus stop, hence, she had to highlight at the nearest bus stop and trace her way back to where she was going.

Brethren, as pilgrims and sojourners on earth, we are not familiar with the terrains of this earth hence, we need the Shepherd of our souls to lead and direct us aright in this unfamiliar terrain we have found ourselves. There are many voices (the social media, friends, family, colleagues, our jobs etc) calling for our attention in this world but only the voice of God should be our hope and stay. HIS voice should supercede every other voice calling out to us in this world.

No one can lead us like Jesus can… remember he walked the earth before us…it is our duty to plant our footsteps in HIS as we journey through this earth. Psalm 32:8 says “The Lord says, I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you” (NLT). Only the Lord can lead you in the best path for your life. So as not to miss it in life and in eternity, turn to HIM today…


Adeniji Moyosore

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