Behind the Scenes at the RCCG Convention 2016 – #Amen


We have been having a refreshing Time  at the 64th Redeemed Christian Church Annual Convention, 2016...


The Liveway media crew took a random walk around the Redemption camp ground and captured few shots of people enjoying themselves, some just arriving camp, some having a good time with friends, kids playing, some feeding the body, some were observing their quiet time, some interview sessions, and we actually caught someone enjoying himself while praising God on a stringed instrument.


It was so interesting to watch the various activities happening in between sessions/break periods…

T0D_1112        T0D_1113

T0D_1115       T0D_1124

T0D_1125        T0D_1134

T0D_1146         Co5Ut2tW8AAyQGC


If you are still not here yet, you’re free to join us because this is certainly the place to be.


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