Sam Ore Ministries Begins (JOY) Jesus Only Youthquake Weekly || @pastorsamore


Jesus Only Youthquake (JOY) with Sam Ore is about to hit social media with a bang. We go live on Facebook every Friday, we’ll be discussing and proffering answers to the question: “Why am I always depressed?”

Other hot topics include:

Eternal Security.
Grace, a license to sin?
Does a Christian need deliverance?
Can we really hire God to kill our enemies?
What is my purpose in life?
How to deal with bitterness and hurt… and much more.

Kindly send us other hot topics you want us to address.

Remember it’s hashtag  #JesusOnlyYouthquake (#JOY)!

Connect on:
Twitter: @PastorSamOre
YouTube: Sam Ore Ministries
Instagram: @samoreministries

The program will be starting this Friday, 10th of November, 2017

Time: 6 PM (UK) | 7 PM (NG) | 2 PM EST

Video Promo 1:

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