Prof. Osinbajo to lead 400 Hours Praise & Worship for 57th Independence Anniversary


Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo is set to lead the 400 hours praise and worship non-stop with the other government officials, in preparation for the 57th Independence Anniversary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.Pastor Oluseyi Malomo, Chaplain of Aso Villa Chapel in partnership with Full Gospel businessmen fellowship and other churches in the country are part of the praise and worship programme. The 400 Hours Praise & Worship programme is themed “Hallelujah Nigeria.”

The Chaplain of Aso Villa Chapel, Pastor Oluseyi Malomo, while speaking to the press about the event, recalled the tremendous transformation that has occurred since the first edition of the event took place a year ago saying

“A year after that event, and just a few days ago, we received with cheerful hearts the good news that we are now officially out of recession.

“As if putting an icing on the cake, the news came after the whole nation joyfully received the return of our dearest President.

“God only for us to gather together and return our thanks praise to this who responds and answers the heartfelt prayers of all Nigerians.

“’The Hallelujah Nigeria’ in conjunction with all churches and fellowships in Nigeria is, therefore, organizing this exceptional and record breaking praise event to thank this good God who has proven that He holds our Nation dearest to His heart.” The chaplain shared

The man of God then said that it will arguably be the longest non-musical activity in the world while he also hinted that president Buhari might be in attendance.