Opinions from youths about the “AGENT OF TRANSFORMATION”.



What have you learnt from the beginning of this program to this very moment?

Have you been transformed? If yes, what made you think that you have been transformed?

How do you intend to affect this generation positively as an agent of transformation?

Tony Kehinde

Although I came late but I have discovered a lot. Now I know that God has ordained every born again youth to be an agent of transformation. As the Word says ‘The light shined and darkness comprehended it not’ so we the youth are light of the world .I have been transformed because it says in the book of Romans 12:2 ‘Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind, so the transformation starts with the repositioning of your mind. When your mind is towards God promise and purpose for your life, then you are already for your transformation. I have a lot of plans to reach out to the people of the world in order to change their lives positively. Firstly, I will encourage the youth and make them understand the Word of God and also to make them understand everything about Jesus cos every transformation starts with Jesus Christ.

Abigael Ajiboye

I will like to use this platform to thank the RCCG for organizing this program for the youth. As a youth we have an assignment to impact positive things into the lives of other youth out there. Of course I have been transformed, the messages, praises and especially during the worship session I felt a total different thing in me and right now I feel I am so filled with the fire of God. I intend to affect my generation by using the talent God has given me.

Ganiu Ayodele

I have seen a lot of transformation even in my own life. There is this text mummy Folu Adeboye read which is Romans 12:2 actually I have been meditating using this text for some time now and when she read it, it gave me a confirmation that we youth of now days need to renew our mind. I am a transformed being and it is because the Bible says that the Word of God is been confirmed from one mouth to the other. I heard a word before but it was confirmed when mummy Folu Adeboye said the same word, that moment I knew it was God talking to me and I was ready from that time to be an agent of transformation. As I am speaking to you right now, the fire in me is burning and I am very full and ready to pour the fire out in the world…

Pelumi Oluniyi

Now I know that no one is too small or big to be an agent of transformation .Whether you are small or big, God can use anybody. I have been transformed because I have gained more strength, more inspiration and, more wisdom. I intend to transform my world by first putting God first in whatever I do and I will make sure by God grace to always do whatever I do positively so other youth will learn from me.

Lilian Gold

Starting from day one this program has been awesome in fact the list of what I have learnt is endless but the major thing is that I have learnt how to be transformed physically and spiritually  and I have also learnt how to still remain an agent of transformation after leaving this convention. I cannot be specific but I know that I have been transformed. I am an upcoming actress and I intend to use that to impact positive things in the lives of the youths.

Christy Kpadobi

I learnt a lot but I was touched during the plenary session. The entrepreneurship session really helped changed my thinking because I was planning to build up a business but I needed much capital so I decided to postpone it but this entrepreneurship session changed my mentality totally. The speaker made me understand that we can open up any kind of business with any amount you have. I have been transformed and as I am right now I filled with positive thoughts and my mind is totally renewed. I intend to affect this generation by providing jobs and raising up great entrepreneurs.

Victoria Ojo

I have learnt so many things but we should know that GOD is really working in the life of the youth as far as your ready and willing to submit yourself to Him, He will back and support whatever positive thing you do as an agent of transformation .yes I know that I have been transformed because right now I am filled with the spirit and inspiration Of God. By god grace I intend to affect the lives of the youth by my song ministration.