New release! Alaafin Orun by A’Dam || @Adamtwita


A’Dam, also known as Spaghetti Records Wonder Son has made his mark as a songwriter and singer. He has written, contributed and sang in so many hits like Face 2 Face ft Monique, Loud Loud ft Mike Abdul and Monique, Hello Hello ft Monique, Kilonshele, Hosanna, Overdose ft Mike Abdul, He lives, Ile Ogo, Your Name, Nkosi, Onyeoma ft Mike Abdul and Monique,Masterkey ft Wale Sax, Keresimesi ft Mike Abdul, and Many More.
Recently He just he just released a new Album titled “Choir Practice”. He is Currently signed to *Spaghetti Records. Praise God by listening to this wonderful genre. Don’t forget to bless a soul by sharing this music.

Be inspired by downloading here.