New Album! Hall of Grace By Rehmahz || @Rehmahz


Rehmahz has released a couple of singles including Bits & Pieces,Unconditional and Church Bells and has affiliates with A-List Gospel artists in Africa like Okey Sokay(Nigeria),Gamie(Nigeria), Limoblaze(Nigeria), Dj Ernesty(Nigeria), DaBoomSha(Nigeria), Spillz(Nigeria), MGP(Nigeria) MouthPiece(US), Dee Black(US), Jered Sanders(US), Suffix(Malawi), Esther Chungu(Zambia), SuperRhymer(Zambia) just to mention a few.

Hall Of Grace Mix-tape is Rehmahz’s first studio project. Rehmahz has been through some challenges which God saw him through. Hall Of Grace is an appreciation to God for his great works towards him and his family. He started by expressing how God loves him Unconditionally even in his ugliest state and he has decided to serve Him forever. God loves us 100% even in our short comings, but the irony of it is, the love of Christ has been lost in our daily lives because we want all the benefits of God without working with him. Besides loving God, loving one’s neighbor is the most important part of a person’s lifestyle. The two go hand-in-hand and cannot be separated from one another. God’s grace is an unmerited and abundant gift of God’s love and favour to man. This has been made effective in Jesus Christ for the Christians.This piece reveals that despite the apparent circumstances and seeming disappointment the righteous may pass through at the moment, there are promised blessings and supernatural possessions for the righteous.

See track list below;

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