MY HONEYMOON || @viobless

Before my conversion, I had never written songs. After meeting the Lord, I began to write songs almost immediately.
I could tell that God’s blessing was on my songwriting.
Not because the songs were great, but because the fellowship of the Holy Spirit was often strongly with me.
I realized there was far more to the Christian experience than i had ever imagined.
A person could know God, his personality and his direct influence in daily life.
Before this turning point, i only knew about Jesus as the virtuous God-man who shed his blood for me.
I thought Christianity was about staying out of trouble and keeping the golden rule.
Now I know God as a real presence, a person who came into my bedroom to talk to me and breathe life into me.
Now he was and still is the object of my deepest passion.
 I am bursting with zeal for God. Music is one way i express my love for God.
Music is my strength, so I naturally followed that part.
Those honeymoon days of knowing God were a sweet time in my life, where he graciously let me catch a glimpse of how wonderful he is. Oh Yes! I am talking about my honeymoon with my creator.
Note:- The most effective trait of a worship leader is a deep love for God and a willingness to express it.
Having some musical ability is essential, but a multitude of musical errors are covered by a burning passion for God
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