MUSIC + VIDEO + LYRICS : F-Clef [@FemiClef] performs DESTINED TO FLY on PG Sessions [@PromoteGospelTV]

Here is another edition from the great show 'PG SESSIONS', featuring a 
very powerful and great minister, F-Clef performing his 2015 single 
'Destined To Fly'.

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A Capella Version:



Fly, fly, fly, fly

Verse 1:

I'm born to reign
to takeover the world
but oppression weighs me down
depression makes me frown
My time is here
I can feel it in the air
I'm no longer bound
I am off the ground!

Chorus: - 2x
I'm Destined To Fly
Fly - 3x

Verse 2:
You wanna smile
Trials make you cry
You wanna touch the sky
But you fall whenever you try
I can hear the voice
Saying it's your time
Speaking to your life
Get up now and Fly!

Chorus: - 2x

Bridge: -2x
I'm gonna fly to the sky
Nothing's gonna stop my star to keep on shining
360 turnaround
Nothing's gonna stop me now

I'm Destined To Fly!
ooooh ooooh ooooh


Fade out

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