Tuesday was the Opening/Welcoming Day for the RCCG Annual Convention and in the morning was the ordination service for Assistant Pastors. Over 1,000 of them from all over the world were ordained.

Rev. Joe Olaiya ministered on the topic, “Jesus, Name above all Names” with text taken from Philippians 3:10-11.

We rejoice with the ordainees and pray that this new anointing would take them to new levels, in Jesus name, AMEN and AMEN!


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Another general session called “Children of God Meet” held for an hour and a half with up to four brief exhortations led by various ministers.


Pastor Dayo Adelore spoke on “Church Growth” and his text was taken from Matthew 5:13-14. He reminded the church that the mandate from Christ to the church is to raise Salt and Light as well as to make disciples of men.

He mentioned two essential tools for church growth such as House Fellowship and Church Planting.

The second exhortation titled “Generousity” was taken by Pastor E.A. Odeyemi. He took his text from Exodus 25:2, Acts 20:35 and Malachi 23:10. He stressed that as believers we had financial and material obligations to fund the work of God in every way.

He urged believers to support the church in fulfilling its mandate to raise disciples and pointed out certain areas through which they could sow into the work of God such as tithe, offering and by supporting the work of missions.



Another insightful exhortation was that of Pastor E.O. Daramola. He spoke on “Godly Family” and his texts were Genesis 1:27; 2:21-22 and Galatians 1:8. In his message, he identified God as the one who instituted Marriage as a Covenant and not a Contract and encouraged Singles that seeking the face of God is the source of every peaceful home.

He cautioned against homosexuality and to be weary of social media dating website in search of a marriage companion whilst emphasizing that Permissive Will always lead to Challenges.

He concluded by giving guidelines and counsel for those in courtship such as Purity, Commitment and Transparency. He also laid emphasis on Modesty and Moderation when planning for the wedding whilst bearing in mind that it is for a lifetime.



Pastor Olu Obanire briefly spoke about “Service in the Church”. Hebrews 10:25 was his text. His message was centered on the importance of consistency as well as availability at all services, functions and activities starting from one’s local parish and extending to national general programs.

He stressed that such activities or meetings like Sunday School, Workers’ Meeting, House Fellowships were not optional but compulsory for all Workers in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.



Finally, Pastor (Mrs.) R.A. Odesola gave an insightful exhortation titled “Women in Ministry” and she took her texts from Luke 8:2-3 and she also made references from I Corinthians 15:10, Acts 2:17, and others.

She taught that women were empowered by God for ministry and gave instances of how women played huge roles in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. She traced the importance of women in ministry from the old to the new testaments with women such as Hannah, Deborah, Esther and others.

She concluded that God expects a lot of participation from women in ministry, the church in general but most especially in the local parishes. And with reference to Romans 12:6-8, for women to be able to function effectively, they needed to discover their calling and the specific areas where their impact would be mostly felt.


Indeed, it was a great time of refreshing!