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The gospel music in Nigeria has come a long way as far back as it started and has seen several artists start from their humble beginning grow through the years and attained veteran status’ both in the Nigerian music industry and the gospel music industry in Nigeria, being passionate and consistent in delivering highly spiritually uplifting, encouraging evergreen inspirational songs with their lyrics and several awards to prove their worth, while still being relevant in the gospel music industry from years back to becoming role models and inspirations to the present generation

Just to mention a few of such big names Mike Aremu, Panam Percy Paul Sammie
Okposo, Jeremiah Gyang, Folake Umosen, Buchi, Asu Ekiye, Nikki Laoye, Bouqui, Samsong, Lara George et al … the gospel music industry has seen growth and improvement in music production,lyrical content,video production,picture quality,sound engineering, video picture quality,mastering and delivery of music.

But there is always room for improvement,development,more growth and expansion.
Collaborations between gospel artists in nigeria is one unpopular thing which is an
essential ingredient for the growth and expansion of the industry and the artist
himself,although there are some collaboration efforts which are highly applauded and
commended but more major collaborations need to be done,we need to see more
collaborations between the veterans themselves and I really wonder what is stopping this from happening,I wonder why we never saw and have not seen a collaboration
between these artists……
The Niger delta brothers sammie okposo and asu ekiye ,asu ekiye and buchi,bouqui and
sammie okoso, bouqui and nikki laoye,nikki laoye and sammie okposo, ever wondered
why we never saw a collaboration or a feature single between jeremiah gyang and
other gospel artists after the release of his album? We would love to see a collabo
between Lara George and Sammie Okposo, Lara George and Nikki laoye, bouqui and lara george, won’t we? what about Mike Aremu ever wondered why we never saw a feature between him and other gospel artists?

Ty Bello is inclusive on this list of awaiting collabos, after releasing a beautiful album that we are all love and are proud of with a unique vocal quality we never got to see a feature between she and any top artist!

How about ty bello and lara george together on a track? Collaborations between gospel artists is a long overdue initiative which must be looked into and worked upon as a productive means to boost the growth of the industry rapidly, it goes a long way to show the versatility of the artist and also portrays the unity of our gospel artists in ministry to the world beyond friendly associations and inspire the younger generations for greater works.

I understand the fact that this is a ministry unlike the secular music industry where collaborations are done merely for fame and financial gains, and that the spirit of God has to give a leading a purpose, a message for a collaboration to be done by two or more gospel artists and should not be rushed upon. Since that is the case are we then saying for as long as sammie okposo and buchi have been in the industry as well as all other veterans in the industry that the spirit of God has not spoken or given a leading for them to work together on a track?

Every artist desires to display to the world his own talent,skills and abilities which is very essential but it doesn’t end there as no man is an island, features and collaborations are others means to boost and showcase an artists’ musical competence, prowess, artistic knowledge versatility and how vast the artist is musically besides solo efforts.

These are long overdue collabos that gospel music lovers and fans in Nigeria have been waiting for but rather than these what is becoming a trend is gospel artists featuring secular artists which the church at large has clearly condemned and disapproved or are we then saying it is better to feature a secular artist than feature a gospel artist or that the Lord gave a leading to feature a secular act other than a gospel artist or what is the point that I’m missing exactly please explain to me……..

It is a highly commendable step seeing that some veteran artists have worked with
upcoming artists for this they are commended, as one measure of successful artist is
how many young artist he has raised through his career. It is a step in the right

Collaborations boosts the image of the gospel music industry,challenges the artist
to be more versatile and creative,it also shows the productivity,growth,advancement
and progress the industry is making.

Imagine a collaboration worship duet album between sammie okposo and sinach,nikki
laoye and sammie okposo,lara george and Sammie Okposo,Samsong and Lara George or a
traditional praise collaboration album between Sammie Okposo and Asu Ekiye, we will
love to see versatility,creativity,vastness in music,new trends created,limits and
boundaries broken in collaborations between artists.

This is a trend that should continue down and inspire the younger generation
artists,collaborations cut across different genres of music e.g between a gospel
rapper and a reggae singer,a rapper and a rock singer e.t.c and still come out
beautifully well if done properly by both artists,we would like to see a
collaboration of a Gospel rock album between rocktown’s finest Frank edwards and
Eben,a duet between Onos and Glowreeyah Braimah,a rap album collaboration between
first lady of the international record label Xist music Bouqui and Rooftop mc’s
Sokleva,Collaborations between Sinach and Onos,Chris Shalom and Tim Godfrey,Eben and
Bouqui,Sinach and Bouqui,Ayo Vincent and Nikki Laoye,

Pita and Nathaniel
Bassey,Sokleva and Pita,Buchi and Nikki Laoye,

Onos and Nathaniel Bassey,Pita and
Frank Edwards,Chris Shalom and Pita,Mike Abdul and Lara George,

Henri Soul and Tim
Godfrey,Tb1 and Lara George,

Nosa and Onos,Gloweeyah Braimah and Nosa ,Bouqui and
Frank Edwards,Sammie Okposo and Nosa,

Eben and Lara George,Provabs ft Nathaniel
Bassey,Gameman and Tim Godfrey,

Henri Soul and Nathaniel Bassey,Tim Godfrey and Freke
Umoh,Nathaniel Bassey and Sammie Okposo,Pita and Tim Godfrey,Sokleva and
Onos,Provabs and Eben,Bouqui and Tb1,Preye Odede and Tim Godfrey,Mike Aremu and Mike

Preye Odede and Sammie Okposo,Bouqui and Buchi,Nosa and Frank Edwards,Joe
Praiz and Nosa,Afy Douglas ft Sammie Okposo,

Onos and Chris Shalom, Samsong and
Nathaniel Bassey,Sokleva Hughes and Buchi,

Freke Umoh and Joe Praize,

Preye Odede and
Asu Ekiye,Samsong and Onos,Freke Umoh and Sammie Okposo,Pita and Eben,Tim Godfrey
and Samsong,Sokleva and Bouqui,

Eben and Freke Umoh,Efe Nathan and Onos,Ebiere and
Frank Edwards,Sokleva and Eben,Ebiere Ohochukwu and Sinach,Onos ft Buchi,Glowreeyah
Braimah and Eben, Ayo vincent and Pita,Buchi and Nathaniel Bassey,Onos ft Sammie
Okposo,Preye Odede and Nathaniel Bassey,

Pita and Efe Nathan, the list is
endless,let’s think outside the box and definitely we would love to see
international collaborations also.

Kudos to Frank Edwards on his forth coming 5 track EP collaboration with Don Moen we
are excited about it and anticipating it, waiting to hear Don Moen sing in igbo also
expecting Ayo Vincent featuring Onos coming soon.

One limitation to the growth of the Nigerian gospel music industry is artist’s who
feature other artists who attend same local denomination with them which has the
possibility of causing division among artists in the industry. I hope our dear
artists pay more attention into this aspect of music making in their musical career
while raising young artists and work towards international collaborations too.

Collaborations are a way to expand and bring growth to the Nigerian gospel music
industry as well as having a regulatory body controlling the affairs of the
industry,having increased level of Weekly Tv/radio media air plays,songs/album
reviews and interviews than just the Saturday, Sunday airplays and recognition gospel
contents get mostly.

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