Edna Chichi Njoku is a comedienne, master of ceremonies, actress, CEO of Chichi movies, spokesmodel for “backpack of love”, and ‘ I am Africa’ ,first Edna Chichi Njoku, film producer and CEO of Chichimovies, wears many hats. She has worked successfully as a comedienne, master of ceremonies, actress, and first lady of Club Nationale and dance leader with the RCCG young adults singles ministries. But with all of these various skills and talents, Chichi’s greatest love and passion is in making films. Chichi Njoku graduated from Queens College located on the African continent in Yaba, Lagos. She later went on to attend Lamar University, and the University of Houston in Houston Texas where she studied theater and theater arts. She went back to attend film school at in 20O8, and while in school, produced a show called, ‘ What’s Hot In Lansing’.



The show interviewed various celebrities as well as local heroes, such as city council members and the mayor of Lansing, Michigan. After graduation she interned at Channel 6, and while there she decided to follow her passion to produce films. This was the beginning of Chichimovies. Her first film “Dirty Pastor” was shot with a budget of just 5000 dollars. It paved the way and became the first step in pursuing her life long dream to produce films. Her second film teaser Red Flags 1&2 was the first film produced by her for National RCCG Young Adults and Singles Ministries.

 With tremendous crossover appeal in both Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood the film won a merit award at the Indie Film Festival, and received three Dove Awards from the Dove Foundation, Chichimovies 2nd African Oscar award, and more. It was written by the Amazon best selling author, Princess Fumi Hancock. In July 2014 producer Chi Chi Njoku shot her sixth film in Los Angeles, a sequel to Red Flags 1&2. She has, to date, produced 6 films and continues to strive for excellence in her all her projects. In addition to working as a film producer, Chi Chi continues to further her craft as an actress and entertainer. Chi Chi played the lead character Maureen in the film DANGEROUS INFLUENCE for the film powerhouse production company Mount Zion Film Productions located in Lagos Nigeria.

 With over ten voice over ascents, Chichi continues to engage her audience in comedy. She was also named first lady to an all male philanthropic organization called Club Nationale, a young professional philanthropic organization, dedicated to bringing relief and raising money for national disasters. In addition Chi Chi has partnered with MADD, (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) in a campaign to help curb and create awareness against, “driving under the influence”.

 Chi Chi  hosts concerts for Back Pack Love, a fund raising organization that donates over 1000 backpacks to schools in less fortunate countries. In 2014 five time Award winning producer Chichi Njoku Launched CHITV, which is currently playing on Comcast cable channel in the US. In 2015 she acquired ’The Princess of Suburbia” Tv show brand unto CHITV’s line up. Within a few months CHITV has managed to help develop others into having their own TV show, ads, promos and complete TV packaging! Chichi Njoku credits these few accomplishments to Christ, her mother and family.