Ify | @ify4Jesus | Set to Launch Album – POIEMA (God’s Masterpiece)


On Saturday,  3rd Of October 2015 .. all roads will lead to the Granite City – Aberdeen , United Kingdom .. precisely the RCCG Fountain Of Love , 31 Palmerston Road , AB115QP, Aberdeen for the Release of Ify Odugbemi known as Ify’s new album, POIEMA – God’s Masterpiece.


This piece of work showcases songs that were birth with a keen motive to praise and worship God concurrently leading listeners to the Presence of the Lord.







Indeed from birth, life experiences reveal that God and God alone must be praised and frankly, POIEMA testifies of the love and mercy of Jesus. Every track glorifies the Lord and these will sure orchestrate anthems in the Body of Christ globally. Some of the soothing and sensational tracks in this piece are ‘He did it’, ‘His mercies endure forever’, ‘You are God – Reloaded’ and several others. What a blessing to the praise and worship industry!


In addition, Uvi Orogun is currently editing a couple of videos with the release of ‘He did it’ on September 1 2015 and others to follow.


US based multi-platinum songwriter and record producer; Dapo Torimiro produced a great part of POIEMA. However, UK based producer, Evans Ogboi, grilled the ‘You are God – Reloaded’ track featuring Isabella and Evans Ogboi.


The album will be available on iTunes and other online platforms and you can also get her previous album ‘Be Magnified’ through these channels.


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