I WAS BORN AGAIN – Innocent Josh ( @Innoboi_1 )


Oh how dreadful to be! What gain in the fact of This race? How hunted
should the flow be golden? Who made the statement that he wouldn’t
stand tall till the end? Who predicted his fall at the end of his
Glorious starting? How mused is it to be forsaken? He gave his life
to Him but he collected it back.

Dear Friend i have a story to tell, i have a huge burden to flush away
if possible, i have a long-broken testimony i long to unveil. Who can
hear me? Who will give me a listening ear? I have a running urge about
my Friend, no my intimate brother.

“My brother was a christian, my Friend was the children’s flag bearer
of holiness, my brother taught us children evangelical songs to win
souls, my brother never stole a pencil in school nor a cent at home,
he never knew what was called “Runs” then. He never cheated. My
brother wore only the things that covered his whole body, he choosed
his speeches, my brother explained to us the full meaning of This word
“HOLINESS”. Now i got what he meant. He preserved his tools till his
adolescent stage ( but Then he lost the mark).

We went for Morning cry, he taught us how to share hand-bills, he
wrote Tracks and we did the sharing, he once told he’s off to a
village unknown to preach the word. I know in setting to my logic, my
Friend will say:

“Oh I preached and many were saved, through the power of the word of
God, i challenged demons. I speak and many got liberated. I even
extended my grace and fire of calling to many. Go, ask my spiritual
children, ask Rev. Gideon on how he listened to my preaching i did
continuously and stopped smoking, what about Evang. Emmanuel how i
drew him from the power of fornication, oh what about Past. Olayinka
how i took him from the addiction of drugs to that of the holy ghost
filled and power loaded; I think I can’t talk of Brother Paul who I
introduced to the true world of life, This achievements are too many
to remember all”.

To continue with my logic, my ultimate hero prayed until a dead child
take in a breathe to exhale again. He fasted till he was enlisted
among ulcer patients without test nor screening.

My friend was a prayer warrior, he was the key leader for many arms in
the ministry. Is this not a great achievement? But I have a dismayed
end to portray, should I tell you where I saw brother last? I was
walking down the road to demonstrate what this my brother taught me
and to my utmost surprise, I saw my hero in the drunken mood,
brother staggered as one without bones, I thought I was experiencing
my darkest nightmare, but I got the reality when I pinched myself to
wake up and still see my mind, spirit, mood and body still standing
there in awe. I thought that was enough, I later saw brother with
something like a white stick in between his fingers with a brown
colour at the edge, sparking out smoke as he inhale it very deep to
his dark-sweet amazement and delight. It was a protocol of dark
enjoyment. Thinking about it, my hero didn’t remember the tragedy of
Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26 nor the predicament and dark epilogue of
Josiah when they mis-understood the way. When I thought about it, he
never remembered Asa who led the righteous way but later pervaded the
way and what became his fate.

Who can help my brother in advice? Who can tell this Gospel general
who he has been, Who can tell my bro that he’s missing the crown he
has been emerging to earn? My brother now swims in that angle he once
preached against. He doesn’t remember any singular verse of the
Scriptures any longer. He now builds up the stones he scattered
earlier. My intimate friend now focuses on this statement anytime
confronted with the message: “You and I who first Started the
ministry? Who taught You about the principle of a holy life? Why do
You wanna preach to me that preached to earlier? Why are you claiming
over-righteous?” Oh who can tell him that he’s heading to destruction?
Who can tell him about the calamity of looking back as did Lot’s wife
and the fate that followed? Who will give him a hint to return?

Am calling on him but he doesn’t listen to my screaming. Am waving at
him but keep seeing this statement at his back saying “I WAS BORN
AGAIN!”. Then I asked my mind, what about now? Why the past tense? Has
Christ change? Has the race become of no sought and unbearable? Did
he forgot that heaven is his target? Why is he bathing with the water
be he helped bathe out our dirtiness from? This questions keep ringing
my memory and I look to see again as I wave still “I WAS BORN AGAIN!”.

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