GOSPEL MUSIC: THEN AND NOW by Omowaye Grace | @GraciellaTRB

Music is what feelings sound like.
   Gospel Music is a kind of motivational Christian Music that has become a major part of the world especially in Nigerian Music Industry. In the 1960’s,the evangelical church of the west African choir was popular and in the early 1970.s Bola Aare,Sola Rotimi,Good Women Choir,Ebenezer Obey and later Panam Percy Paul,Onyeka Onwenu,Lanre Teriba(aka Atorise),Tope Alabi,Aju Ekiye,Keffi,Sammie Okposo were notable.Also,in the early 1970’s and 80’s Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa’s choir,The christian redeemed voices were known for their Gospel sounds.There was a lady by the name of  “Minister Dorothy James”(Evangel Temple,USA)and Rev.David Mporampora(Uganda),they transformed Gospel Music in west Africa……Nigeria in particular.
     I would say without a doubt,they laid the foundatiom of the sound we now hear.We have some others who have made national and international impact.They include:Kunle Ajayi,Buchi Sinachi,Yetunde Are among others.There are also some notable Church choirs that have distinguished themselves especially with contemporary music.Worthy of mentioning is Oyo Province 4 Mass Choir of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God(RCCG), Jesus Embassy,Christ Embassy,Oke Bola-Ibadan Nigeria.
     Music “THEN” was rooted in culture,believe,norms and traditions.Gospel Music was performed while minding culture,that is; when Gospel Musicians perform they make sure they are dressing or speaking in conformity with they laws of the place they are.They don’t really use the Raps,Hip Hop etc. They sing spirit filled songs thou and which they still do now but the Gospel music THEN is now considered boring and old. WHY? Because things itself has changed.
      But,music now,most Gospel music NOW use the beats of the worldly musics.They use their styles,patterns and strategies,WHY? Because they want Christians to be able to have or get what might divert their faith or seem like a distraction BUT to get it in a GODLY MANNER including words like: “Christ, Jesus, God” in replacement of the worldly words. Oh you wanna hear Rap songs?…..there are Christian Rap songs,You wanna see the whites movies?…..there are Christian white movies(and of course which omit sexual scenes),You don’t wanna listen to all of  those old orchestras?…….there are Christian Highlife and Christian Hip Hop songs.
     Gospel Music’s NOW are giving Christians what they have to get in order for them to be able to avoid distractions from the outside world.Thank God Gospel musicians notice the need and evolved with delivering it.
According to Rom 8:35 it says “who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation,or distress,or persecution,or famine, or nakedness,or peril, or sword?” and I add “or the fact that we don’t get to hear good music to suite what’s in volk?”.
      Gospel Music THEN and Gospel Music NOW have their differences in “STYLE” its still “GOSPEL MUSIC ” . Then and now = OLD and NEW ……..Gospel Music remains Gospel Music!!!