Hmmmm….’den of thieves’…where do I start from? Okay, I would start from the Nigerian movies I watch (#coversface and #tongueout for all those who criticize me for watching Nigerian movies), can’t help it! Okay back to serious business…In Nigerian movies especially those with scenes of armed robbery and all, we see that after the robbers have gone for their operation(s), they have a hideaway where they cool off before they go on another “thieving spree”.

In the same vein brethren, many of us have turned the house of the Lord to a ‘den of thieves’. We engage in lying, stealing, fornication, backbiting, pride, jealousy and all other vices God frowns at from Monday to Saturday and then on Sunday, we come to church looking sanctimonious and religious, lifting up our ‘not-so-holy’ hands in the presence of the Lord. Beloved, do not be deceived, God is not mocked! He definitely knows those who are HIS (this frightens me a lot…).

In as much as our God is a merciful God, we cannot keep taking HIM for granted or keep frustrating HIS grace upon our lives…let us think on these things beloved and seek to stop making the House of God and our place of fellowship with God a place where we come to ‘momentarily’ hibernate from all our wrongs. When we turn away from the sins that easily beset us, let our repentance be true and sure…let’s not return to our vomit…remember God’s grace is sufficient for us and in HIM, we are more than conquerors…God help us all