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Amongst God’s chosen, i am a pioneer for my generation in the field of church music. The church has fallen prey to sincere persons who have placed too strong an emphasis on the practical functions of music in the church, but who have not learned sensitivity to the Holy Spirit by spending time at the feet of Jesus.

Mary Hopper said and i quote ” Music is a natural expression of man which probably began with speech singing and developed into songs which were then accompanied by instruments”. Church music should not be taken lightly. Our Churches desperately need musically proficient people whose heart are ablaze with a Godly annointing.

Note:- We will never grow and mature in our expressions of praise until we are willing to praise in a manner pleasing to the Lord.

It’s all about God, worship and praise. Theres more to be discovered in the christian music world. Church Music Beyond the Noise is going to come as a Music Devotion with different topics coming underneath it, and our very first topic for the next series will be #ExploringWorship.

Exploring Worship carries the flavour of so many experiences in worship services with the obvious fact that this devotion is not the final testament on worship, but i do hope it serves as a catalyst for further insight and exploration. I am not here to provide simple answers to the many complex problems we face in our worship services, but i trust that sincere questions will find possible answers in the course of this #MusicDevotion. keep following. God Bless you.

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