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It is not uncommon to hear references to praise and worship as though they were identical entities, or at least combined to form one complete whole. Praise and worship are mutually cooperative activities and are frequently very similar in the way they are outwardly expressed, but they are not one and the same. Each has its own nature and purpose. Some churches are very vocal in their praise but quite withdrawn when it comes to worship, and for others, it seems relatively easy to enter into a sweetness in worship, but they have not yet learned the dynamics of praise. Balancing the two is easier once we recognize the distinctive features and functions of both praise and worship.
Praise is not a difficult concept to understand, for it is part of our everyday lives. We praise our children when they please us, employees for a job well done. Above and beyond all that, praise is something we direct toward God, or something we express to others about God. We praise God directly by extolling or expressing our admiration to him, we praise God indirectly by commending him or magnifying him to others.
Praise can be given directly to God, or it can be expressed to others in reference to God. Praise is preoccupied with who God is and what he has done. It focuses on both his incomparable character and his wondrous acts on behalf of his children. When God does something glorious for us, we love to lift  high his praises. Praise is not simply our thankful response to his provision, praise is also very fitting even when we have no specific gift of God in mind. He is worthy to be praised solely for who He is……….
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