I sat on my bed and watched my cousin as she continuously searched her wardrobe for what she tagged the IDEAL RED DRESS.She needed to go for a church’s val dinner that evening. Does this gown matches with my purse? she asked holding both the purse and the gown up.Well its okay you know but really why do people wear RED on val’s day.I guess its  what  everyone does and besides its like the official Colour of VALENTINES DAY..At this point she gave me a “You have started with your questions” facial look

Believe me when i say am one of those persons who do not put on red dress on val’s day, wondering  if ST VALENTINE was putting on a red priest garment when he was  joining the 2 love birds or is it because the “Assumed” Colour of the heart is red.These same questions practically have a room in my heart and until they are answered they wouldn’t just park out.

VAL’S day shouldn’t be over hyped with painting the town RED and all the dinners,parties e.t.c.Instead it should be about showing excessive love to everyone.Brothers,sisters,cousins,nephew,grandmas,friends and whosoever.It should be BEYOND THE RED DRESS. Atimes i imagine valentine to be a day where you could just surprise your friend with this amazing gift that will make them “pass out”lol. Its a day to be happy and to Show that Gods’s unconditional love……


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!