BELLY-FOOL? BELLY-WISE! by Adeniji Moyosore


As children, whenever we were hungry, I and my siblings will become quiet and well-behaved as pangs of hunger dealt with us; the only words you would hear from us is ‘mummy, somebody is hungry o, somebody has not eaten’ with our faces all squeezed up. But as soon as we have been fed and have become ‘belly-full’ with mama’s food, we start to misbehave and my mum will say in yoruba ‘e ti yo, e wa n wa bekunbekun’ meaning ‘you are full and have started misbehaving’ (#methinks#coversface).

Just as little children misbehave when they are ‘belly-full’ and have no worries in the world, many Christians also tend to misbehave when they are ‘belly-full’, when the Lord has blessed them so much that their cups are running over and overflowing. A lot of us tend to forget God when HE has finally granted us our heart desires and forget where the Lord has brought us from. Unlike Paul who learnt to abase and abound, we have only learnt to be abased in the midst of lack and we fail woefully in the place of abounding in the midst of plenty.

Beloved, let’s not be ‘belly-full’ and forget God; let’s not be satisfied with all the material things on earth that we are content to do without heaven. In this season of overflow, let’s be ‘belly-wise’, let’s strive to be like Paul and be able to say at the end of it all that: ” I know how to live when I am poor, and I know how to live when I have plenty…” Philippians 4:12a (NCV). May the Lord help us and teach us how to be full…



Adeniji Moyosore