Avail Yourself of this Audio Endorsement Opportunity from The Independent Gospel Artist Radio Alliance | @OfficialIGARA


The Independent Gospel Artist Radio Alliance has been blessed to begin a new division called IGARA Audio and provision of affiliates have been created with an endorsement opportunity based on your company’s visibility and demographics.

IGARA Audio “True Sound”  headphones, which is their first product has been tested by multiple artists and studio engineers who agree and have stated, “They sound amazing!”

IGARA Audio “True Sound” headphones are great for everyday use and most importantly studio use. “True Sound” means they play exactly what the artist or producer intended without over saturating the music with bass or by muting higher tones.  Even at max volume (not recommended) they retain their clarity. They are Bluetooth enabled but they can also be used with the 3.5mm auxiliary cord (included).
The Independent Gospel Artist Radio Alliance ( IGARA ) goes further to state :

” We are looking for stations/personalities that broadcast live on TV and/or social media platforms to provide headphones to be used during their broadcasts and at local events. We want you to be first in using a product made by the first Christian owned electronics company. We are sure that you will enjoy this product. 

The official release of our headphones will be July 15th during the 2017 Radio Alliance Awards and we hope you are already planning to join us for this event.”

If you’re interested in this opportunity , fill out the Endorsement Opportunity Form Below …