AUDIO: Aity Dennis – Call My Number | @aitydennis


Multiple Award winning gospel music veteran, Aity Dennis is out with a new praise sound titled “Call My Number“. As unconventional as the title of this song is, the real sermon in the song is that God is real and if you doubt it ‘Call My Number’.

The song is groovy and dance-able; a contemporary sound with the right amount of percussion and African rhythm as interpreted by Ace Producer Wole Oni for WOMP. Basically something appropriate for the season and we recommend you download.

Download Call my Number


Lyrics – CALL MY NUMBER ( God is Real)

God is real
God is real oh oh oh…

If you doubt it 
Call my number 
Call my number 
Nya udokko
( I will tell you)

Tell me who says
That God is dead o
Don’t get it twisted
God is alive 
He’s alive 
I wonna testify 
I wonna glorify
I wonna lift Him higher  

Ta lon sope olorun ti ku
(Who says God  is dead)

Olorun o ku o olorun be o,
(God is not dead
God is there)

Ta lon sope ko si olorun mo 
(Who says there is no God)

Pemi ma sofun e pe olorun be
(Call me  and I will tell you that God is real)

Call my number 
Call my number

Nya udokko 
(I will tell you)…

He’s a mountain mover
Mountain mover

Miracle worker
Miracle worker

Ocean divider
Ocean divider

Story changer 
Story changer

God is real 
God is real ooo

Call my number 
Call my number 
Nya udoko 
(I will will tell you)

Omeremu ma….
(He has done me well)…

Omeremu something 
(He has done something)

Atippe mkpo anam
(God has caused something to happen! )