Are You ‘Famzing’ the Lord? by Adeniji Moyosore


Many times, have heard people around me use this nigerian slang ‘famzing’ in sentences. Though I’m yet to fully understand better yet comprehend what it actually means but from my vague understanding and little research, me thinks it has to do with overfamiliarising yourself with someone you barely know or being too familiar with someone you know a lot about because of his/her status or success. Usually, while ‘famzing’, the ‘famzer’ lacks an intimate relationship with the ‘famzee’. Enough of all the explanations and straight to the point!

Beloved, these days, I see a lot of famzing in the body of Christ (*sadface*). Many of us who claim to be children of God are just famzing HIM, we don’t have an intimate and working relationship with HIM. Because being a Christian seems to be in vogue these days, we go along with the trend.
We seek the Lord for the gifts and many blessings HE can give us and fail to seek the ONE who gives these things. We run to HIM only when we need HIS help and remember HIM on sundays when we go to church lifting up hands and hearts that have been stained with sin during the week! Who are we fooling? God? No!!!

The Scriptures says in 2 Timothy 2:19b, “…the Lord knows those who belong to Him”. Beloved, let’s stop fooling ourselves and truly seek the Lord with all our heart and mind, let it be said of us that we truly walked with the Lord…we were not ‘famzers’ but we were people who walked the walk…God help us all.


Adeniji Moyosore

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