AN INVITATION TO ‘ TRY PRAYING’ ( @trypraying_uk )


Trypraying is for those who don’t do church and are not religious.  It’s a booklet, a church project and a town/city-wide project inviting people to start doing life with God.

It’s the work of a traffic planner, a shop manager, a writer, a designer, an entrepreneur, a civil engineer and others.

A conversation on a train went like this.  The guy in his 20s was asked, “Do you ever pray? ”  His reply was, “Yes.  I prayed for two people who were seriously ill.  One died and the other got better.”  He concluded he’d had 50% success.

This reflex – the desire to reach out to God – is basic to many, many people. Trypraying is a resource for people like that: no church connection or interest, but open to find out about God. The trypraying booklet is a 7-day prayer guide and is now being used by many to pass on to friends and family with a few words of encouragement – ‘Why don’t you try praying for a week and see what happens in your life?’

The website has information about how to make use of this resource, Visit:

In April 2015 ,  100s of churches across many towns and cities will join in making it accessible across the nation.


Below are some of the adverts placed on buses around Scotland to advertise the initiative :

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Please Visit:  to learn more!